Frontier Offices/Warehouse

About Us

During a three year corporate transfer to Spain with his family, Tom George developed a great appreciation for Spanish wine, food, music, and culture, and realized the need to turn this new passion into a career.  In 1991, Frontier Wine Imports was founded.  The initial portfolio contained only four wines; however, these wines exemplified the qualities on which the portofio is built:

Today our portfolio includes some of the finest wines from the major wine regions and new emerging regions across Spain and Portugal.  From the beginning Frontier's focus has been Spain, but we expanded our portfolio to include Portuguese wines after discovering a few gems during our travels.  Currently, we import over 100 wines, sherries, cavas, ports, and Madeiras from the Iberian Peninsula and its outer islands.  Our portfolio is currently available in 39 states in the US.

We own and operate our own warehouse in New Jersey, where our entire portfolio is stored.  Our warehouse is temperature controlled and is located near the major trucking routes that serve the continental US. 

Because of our dedication to quality and value, we continue to offer excellent and unique wines at very competitive prices to our network of distributors.