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Granadeiro Vinhos

Henrique Grandeiro is a successful business man. As president of PT, the Portuguese telephone company, Henrique is required to live in Lisbon, but he has never lost his desire to return to his native Alentejo region. Henrique was involved in several wine projects during the 1990?s when he served on the board of Eugenio de Almeida during their creation of Cartuxa and Pera Manca brands. Finally in 2001, Henrique Granadeiro Vinhos and purchased the property that was once owned by Damiao de Gois (a Portuguese historian during the 16th century) and later owned by Luis de Freitas Branco (a music composer during the 20th century). Henrique hired Pedro Baptista, the former wine maker for Cartuxa and recipient of ?Winemaker of the Year? award in 2010 to be his winemaker. Henrique now spends more and more of his time at his new home in Alentejo.

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