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Bodegas J.A. Calvo Casajus

Mr. Jose Alberto Calvo Casajus is the owner of bodega that bears his name. Jose Alberto is the winemaker and in fact the only employee of his bodega. Jose Alberto?s day begins around 4:30 in the morning when he opens his bakery; he is also the baker in his small village, Quintana del Pidio, population about 200 people. At around 9:00 in the morning, Jose Alberto closes his bakery and walks down the street (there are only a couple of streets in the village) to open his small boutique bodega, where he begins his real work. Born into a family of grape growers (between Jose Alberto and his wife Leonor?s ancesters, they own nearly all of the vineyards in and around Quinta del Pidio) and educated in oenology, Jose Alberto through his wines has risen to a sort of local celebrity status. Bodegas Casajus sells more of its wine in Aranda del Duero, the capital city of Ribera del Duero, than any other Ribera del Duero bodega.

Quintana del Pidio is located in the foothills in the northern portion of Duero Valley, which shape the Ribera del Duero appellation. The village and all of its vineyards are sloped on the countryside with southern exposure, thereby protected from the cold winter winds by the hills along the northern perimeter of the Duero Basin.

Jose Alberto?s grandfather and Leonor?s ancesters planted their vineyards in 1920. This date was recently verified by the appellation after using documents signed by the village?s major in that year. This makes Jose Alberto?s vineyards among the oldest vineyards in the entire Ribera del Duero region. Mariano Garcia, the famed wine maker from Bodegas Vega Sicilia, once mentioned that Quintana del Pidio was his first choice for sourcing grapes for the Aalto project. Jose Alberto and his ancesters were active members in the local wine cooperative, where they sold their grapes until the early 1990?s. Jose Alberto left the cooperative in 1993 to begin is bodega, where he is dedicated to producing the best wines from his premium grapes (he sells the less than premium grapes to the cooperative).

Today he uses small stainless steel tanks equipped with a micro-oxygenation devise, new French Allier barrels for malolactic fermentation, and a combination of French Allier and American oak for aging with experiments using Hungarian oak barrels to produce an average of 50,000 bottles per year. Jose Alberto produces three wines, but will be reducing this to two, which he designates Vendimia Seleccionada and Antiguos Vinedos, thereby freeing himself of the Crianza and Reserva models. This allows him to shape each wine as he deems necessary.

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