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Bodegas Vinedos de Nieva

Bodegas Vinedos de Nieva is located in the western-most portion of Rueda in the small town of Nieva. Established in 1989, the bodega helped to restore what was once a thriving industry during previous centuries in Nieva. For hundreds of years, the town?s vineyards and winemaking were controlled by the Jeronimo Monks and later, after their departure from the area, by the town?s people. By 1989 the vineyards were in disarray and it took Jose Maria Herrero and his family a great deal of effort to salvage some of the older vineyards.

The strength of Bodegas Vinedos de Nieva lies in their vineyards. The Herrero Family currently owns 55 hectares planted with Verdejo vines and 5 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc. Some of the vines are approximately 150 years old. All of the grapes used to make the Blanco Nieva wines are estate grown. In fact, the bodega uses only their top 35% in terms of quality of their grape production to make their own wines. They sell the remaining 65% to other local bodegas.

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