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Bodegas Aruspide

Bodegas Aruspide was founded in 1999 by a group of people dedicated to making wines in an organic method. They purchased a bodega built in 1905 and restored the building respecting the architectural style of the period and region. The result is a technologically modern, yet elegant winery.

Bodegas Aruspide owns 110 hectares of vineyard and controls an additional 60 hectares. All 170 hectares have organic certification. During harvest, all of the grapes are hand selected in the field. Each wine that Bodegas Aruspide produces is made in an organic method. The Ardales Brand incurs the additional expense of attaining organic certification, while the Agora brand is marketed without certification; however, the same winemaking methods are used for both. Bodegas Aruspide wines carry the D.O. Valdepenas designation for the Agora brand and Vino de la Tierra de Castilla for the Ardales brand.

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