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Rias Baixas

Caesar Augustus, is known to have enjoyed the wines of the lush, green slopes of Rias Baixas when he conquered the Celtic peoples of Galicia in 19 BC. Today the region is the home of some of Spain's most cherished white wines made from the delicate local Albariño varietal (unknown outside Galicia) sometimes blended with smaller amounts of other local grapes. Albariño requires extensive and precise handling but rewards it by producing wines with opulent bouquets of fruits and blossoms and an iridescent yellow-gold hue. Growers cope with the highest rainfall in Spain and sparse sunlight by using the "pergola" method, laying the vines to grow parallel to the ground. Rias Baixas recently created four distinct viticultural subzones: Val do Salnés, on the Atlantic in the northwest; Soutomayor, a bit further south and Condado de Tea, inland along the Miño river in the mountains.

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