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This Castilian region with the Duero River and its 2,000 hectares of vineyards is centered around the city of Toro. As early as the 13th century, the scholars from Spain's oldest university in Salamanca preferred Toro's potent wines. The region's major grape is the Tinta de Toro varietal, which is a clone of the Tempranillo varietal in northern Spain. Tinta de Toro has a thicker skin, lower acidiy, and deeper blue-black coloring compared to Tempranillo. It produces bold red wines with powerful tannins that often achieve 15% alcohol. Since the mid 1990's, many of the top winemakers from other regions have gone into Toro and begun to apply modern winemaking techniques to produce more attractive and polished wines that still capture the distinct qualities of the Tinta de Toro varietal. Today Toro is referred to as "The rising star of the Duero Valley".

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