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Valdepeñas or "Valley of Stones" has a remarkable history of wine production. The archaeologist Dr. Javier Perez Aviles recently uncovered elaborate winemaking equipment at strata levels that correspond to 700 BC. His discovery predates Phoenician voyages in the area and challenges the prevailing wine history that attributes the origin of Spanish wine cultivation to Phoenician traders along the Ebro River. Traditionally known for its "Aloque", a blend of white wines with red wines that were aged and fermented in giant earthenware vases called "tinajas", Valdepeñas now employs temperature-controlled, stainless steel fermentation and storage tanks. Most of the 30,000 hectares of vineyards are planted with the white Air?n varietal, which yields large volumes of simple wines with low acidity. The Air?n is often mixed with the more scarce Cencibel, a local clone of the famous Tempranillo of northern Spain, to make light reds and roses. The region?s best wines are well balanced red wines from the Tempranillo varietal that are aged in american or french oak casks.

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