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In 1926, Ernest Hemingway immortalized this intriguing wine region in "The Sun Also Rises" which depicts the excitement of Fiestas de San Fermin when bulls run through the streets of Pamplona. Hemingway's interest in Navarra is not surprising considering its distinct cultural and topographical features. Ranging from sun-drenched, desert-like plains in the southeast to the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees in the north, Navarra's diverse conditions dictate its assortment of wines. Five subzones with vast contrasts in land and climate: Tierra Estella, Valdizarbe, Baja Montaña, Ribera Alta, and Ribera Baja have produced wines since the Roman era. Once dominant Garnacha continues to occupy more than 40 percent of the vines and Navarra's Garnacha based rosés, which are fresh, crisp, and delightful, are generally considered to be the best in Spain. However, in the 1980's the region's vintners uprooted nearly half of the region's Garnacha to make room for Tempranillo and some classic French varietals. Since then, with the support of EVENA, an oenological center founded by the government to explore and implement modern techniques, the region's red and white wines have increased in popularity.

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