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Quirus Crianza 2014

GeneralWineryBodegas Quiroga de Pablo
Town of productionAzofra
Total production of the wine15,000 liters
VineyardAge of vines used to produce wine40 years average
Yield2.34 tons per acre
Size of vineyard, hectares112 acres
Elevation above sea level1800 to 2125 feet
Inclination of vineyard2 to 10 degrees various orientations
Soil compositionreddish color mixed ferrous clay and chalky clay with lots of stones
Irrigationdrip is installed but almost never used
HarvestHarvest methodmanual
Date of harvestfirst 2 weeks of October
FermentationAlcoholic fermentation, typein small stainless steel tanks
Alcoholic fermentation, duration5 days cold maceration, 10 days fermentation
Alcoholic fermentation, temperature77 to 82 degrees F
Malolactic fermentation, typein small concrete tanks
Malolactic fermentation, duration21 days
Malolactic fermentation, temperature60 to 64 degrees F
Volatile Acidity0.6 grams per liter
Total Acidity5.5 grams per liter
Residual Sugarless than 2 grams per liter
AgingTime in barrel14 months
Barrel type and ageNew to 4 year old French and American oak, extra fine grain
Time in bottle before releaseminimum 10 months in underground cement tanks and in bottle
BottlingCold stabilizedNo